Stone Equipment Co., Inc. is a leading supplier of both track mounted and stationary aggregate equipment. Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions about aggregate, its use, and the machines used to work with it. If you have further questions or need help with equipment sales or rental, please contact us.

Aggregate FAQs:

What is aggregate?

Aggregate, also called “construction aggregate,” is a collection of crushed materials such as granite, limestone, gravel, and sand used to mix with binding agents such as cement or bitumen to form concrete.

What is portable aggregate equipment?

Portable or mobile aggregate equipment is simply track-mounted equipment which can provide an advantage over stationary equipment in that it can move to the part of the quarry or worksite where it’s needed.

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What is track-mounted aggregate equipment?

Track-mounted aggregate equipment is portable, but uses tracks instead of wheels. For extremely heavy equipment tracks can work better than wheels on soft or muddy ground.

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What is a jaw crusher?

A jaw crusher is aggregate equipment that crushes ore into aggregate. The ore is fed into the “mouth” of the machine, then crushed between its jaws.

What is an impactor?

An impactor uses impact to crush aggregate, either via gravity in which larger material is dropped on a steel plate to shatter; or by dynamic means, such as being crushed by a hammer or impeller.

What is a cone crusher?

A cone crusher smashes larger stone and ore into aggregate by means of a large, rotating cone that forces the material against a hard surrounding surface, referred to as a “mantle,” until it’s small enough to fall through to a conveyor below.

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Examples of Track-Mounted Aggregate Equipment:

Jaw Crusher
Cone Crusher

What do aggregate screens do?

Screens are used in quarries to separate larger from smaller material for aggregate. The screen sifts the material, and the smaller aggregate falls through for use in construction.

What is a scalping screen?

A scalping screen separates oversize material from aggregate; the larger material stays on the top level of the screen and is fed via conveyor belt into a crusher.

Examples of Aggregate Screens:

Astec High Frequency Screen
JCI Horizontal Screen
KPI Inline Screen
KPI Scalping Screen

What is aggregate washing and classifying equipment?

Aggregate must be washed and classified for use in different applications. Washing and classifying equipment cleans and sorts the material to ensure it meets the specifications required by different projects.

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Examples of Aggregate Washing and Classifying Equipment:

KPI Classifying Tanks
Course Material Washer equipment
KPI Fine Material Washer
Log Washer Equipment Sales & Rental

What is a pug mill?

A pug mill mixes materials, such as aggregate, for use as a foundation for concrete or asphalt surfacing.

What is a radial stacker?

A radial stacker is a conveyor belt that sits on a truck and is able to rotate in a semicircle, which allows the operator to create multiple stacks of material in several locations.

Examples of Material Handling Equipment:

KPI - Log Washer equipment
Truck Unloader
Pug Mills aggregate equipment
Radial Stackers machinery
Superstacker aggregate equipment
Transfer Conveyors equipment for construction job-sites

What are portable plants?

Portable plants are large pieces of aggregate crushing, washing, classifying, and handling machinery that are mounted on either wheels or tracks so they can move to the part of the quarry in which they’re needed.

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Examples of Portable Plants:

Cone Crusher Plants equipment
Pioneer Jaw Plants equipment
Screen and washing aggregate equipment
Screen Plants heavy equipment for aggregate job-sites
Classifying plants equipment
VSI Plants machinery

What are breakers?

Breakers shatter large rocks into smaller and smaller pieces until they are small enough to be put in a crusher to be formed into aggregate. Breakers use hydraulic power to drive the steel piston through the rock, and use different sizes of breaker attachments depending on the size of the material they’re breaking.

Examples of Rock Breakers:

Rock Breaking Systems machine for aggregate job-sites
BTI Hydraulic Breakers Line Up
Quarry System Equipment
KPI-JCI Astec Companies Logo
ASTEC Mobile Screens Logo
BTI Breaker Technology Logo