Chances are you’ve driven past a construction site before and spotted all kinds of machinery. At a glance, it can be hard to figure out what they all do and why they’re there, but if you’re starting a project, it’s crucial to understand their differences and functions. Choosing the right equipment can make or break your construction plan and determine what type of results you’ll have. From Excavators to Off-Road Trucks, Stone Equipment is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality machinery. With knowledgeable specialists and personable service, they’ll help you find the best equipment for your next project. Continue reading to learn about what kinds of machines you should consider.


These heavy-duty machines are common in most projects and have a variety of different functions. They are most commonly used for earthmoving and transportation of materials on-site. While there are different types of excavators, each one has similar functions and can be purchased or rented. These machines are great for digging holes or trenches and lifting waste out of the way. Before you purchase or rent an excavator, it’s vital to determine what you need it to do so you can choose the right size. Some things to consider include how deep you’ll need to dig, how high the arm should be able to reach, and what bucket capacity is necessary. Once you have these answers, discuss them with a specialist to make sure you’re on track.

Wheel Loaders

Though these machines have some similar functions to excavators, they are mainly used to transport heavy material from one place to another. Loaders are usually used when lifting sand, rock, or debris and have a large shovel attached to the front to help scoop everything up. These machines work well under harsh conditions and can be used for a big range of projects from small to large. Like excavators, you should figure out where your project will be taking place and what kind of material needs to be moved to decide on the best size for your loader’s bucket. Additionally, many loaders come with attachments that may be necessary depending on what you’re working on.


Less commonly found on construction sites, rollers are used to compact material like soil, asphalt, concrete, or gravel. They are efficient when it comes to creating a stable foundation for big or small projects. The heavier a roller is, the more effective it will be in compacting. Although these heavy-duty machines are less common, they are arguably one of the most important for having a lasting project. Before renting or purchasing your first roller, it’s important that you feel completely comfortable operating one because you will likely be more efficient. Like the other machines we’ve discussed, you should have an idea of what you need your roller to do and where to make the best decision.

Off-Road Trucks

Trucks like these are meant to take care of projects that normal trucks may not be able to, making them a vital element to most sites. They transport materials through rough terrains and are used in both construction and aggregation projects. Some factors to consider when using these machines include how far your truck will need to travel and how heavy the loads will be. You should also have a professional inspect your equipment before you use it to ensure you are being as safe as possible. Off-road trucks are essential for lots of projects and will provide lots of benefits when it comes to transporting your materials efficiently.

How We Can Help

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